1 Year Emergency Food Supply - Two People

1 Year Emergency Food Supply
$7,999.00 each



Ensure your family's dietary needs in an emergency with Dri-Harvest's 1 Year Emergency Emergency food supply. Our 1 Year Food Supply is packed full of healthy, digestible food supplying two people with 2,246 Daily Calories each. Weight: 1,340 lbs.


2 cases Canned Beef
2 cans of Sausage Crumbles
2 cases Canned Beef Burger
2 cases Canned Chicken
12 cans Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs
1 case Freeze Dried Meatballs
1 case Canned Pink Salmon
1 case Canned Yellow Fin Chunk Light Tuna


2 cases Begga Canned Cheese
2 cases Red Feather Canned Butter
2 cases Whey Milk Drink Powder
3 cans Cheese Powder
3 can Sour Cream Powder


3 cans Freeze Dried Strawberries
3 can Freeze Dried Peach Slices
2 can Fruit Galaxy
2 can Apple Sauce Powder
2 can Apple Slices


2 cans Red and Green Bell Peppers
3 cans Green Beans (Dehydrated)
2 cans Freeze Dried Sweet Garden Peas
3 cans Freeze Dried Sweet Corn
2 cans Carrot Dices
1 case Chopped Onions
3 cans Dehydrated Broccoli
1 case Potato Dices
1 case Mashed Potato
3 cans Vegetable Stew Blend


2 cases B&M Canned Bread
2 cases B&M Canned Bread with Raisins
1 case Strawberry Honey Granola
1 case Gluten Free Pancake Mix
2 cases Long Grain White Rice
1 case Cornmeal
1 case Quick Rolled Oats
1 case Hulled Barley
2 cases Elbow Macaroni
1 case Unbleached Flour
1 can Popcorn


2 can Powdered Pinto Beans
2 can Powdered Black Beans
2 can Powdered Navy Beans
3 cans Lentils
1 case Kidney Beans
3 cans Lima Beans
3 cans Split Green Peas


8 cans Powdered Pizza/Pasta Sauce
4 cans Broccoli / Cheese
1 case Creamy Potato
1 case Cream of Tomato


1 can Black Tea
1 can Coffee
1 can Cocoa Mix
1/2 can Sweet Cream Powder
1/2 can Lemon Juice Powder


1 cases Honey
3 cans Olive oil
1 can Himalayan Salt
1 can Cornstarch 
2 cans Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds
1 can Tahini
1 can w/ 2 pkg. of SAF Instant Yeast & 1 (16 oz.) pkg. Baking Soda 
1/2 can w/1 pkg. of Sweet Cream Pwd. 1 pkg. of Lemon Juice Pwd & 1 pkg. of Baking Pwd
40 Plastic reclosure lids
1 Cook book


All Fruits and Vegetables not listed as Freeze Dried are dehydrated
Case of Red Feather Butter = (24) 12 oz. cans
Case of Begga Canned Cheese = (36) 7.05 oz. cans
Case of Canned Meat = (12) 28 oz. cans
Case of B&M Brown Bread = (12) 16 oz. cans
Canned Yellow Fin Chunk Light Tuna = 6 oz. can
Canned Pink Salmon = 7.5 oz. can


- Real Meat
- Real Cheese
- Real Butter
- Real Eggs
- Real Honey
- Real Tahini
- Great Tasting
- Digestible

What's in your storage food?

- Our package contains real canned meat, butter and cheese. We don't include buckets and cans of dried grains and beans that people are not used to cooking with or eating every day.
- We have excellent tasting freeze dried scrambled eggs, not the very unpalatable powered eggs found in other companies food packages.
- The items in our package are not loaded with chemicals and preservatives.
- We go to great effort to avoid any GMO products.
- No fake soy based protein.
- Our package contains “quality” calories, we intentionally avoid sugar based calories from deserts.

Avoiding Appetite Fatigue

Studies have shown that some children can starve to death from appetite fatigue / dietary shock when forced to eat food they are not accustomed to eating. Most children are not used to a diet of beans, grains and TVP (soy based) protein.

We do not replace real meat with TVP in our packages to save on costs. We strongly feel that the best diets include REAL Meats opposed to soy based alternatives.

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